Red Gallery welcomes Slovakian artist Vlasta Zakova who is taking part in our Artist in Residence program during following next two months.

Vlasta Zakova disrupted any possible relations with the traditional decorative forms of so called “arrases” or tapestries by her pictures Unstoppable girls and Unforgettable girls (2006). Human beings as the figures start to dominate in several compositional plans.

As a characteristic choice of moments of particular memories unified in one picture as a work of art. Excellent mastering of technical problems of embroidery enables Zakova to work on principles.

Of modelling of shapes close to graphic techniques. A composition of the picture (for example Unforgettable girls) then consists of contrasts of figures presented by a dim outline and vice versa the presentation of figures in their natural corporeality enhanced by the plastic effect of a dense colourful embroidery.

Zakova will spent two summer months in London at Red Gallery London.
See Vlasta Zakova's Red Gallery page HERE